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Saturday, July 1, 2017

3 New Channels from Pluto TV, Start Celebrating Today!

The U.S. knows how to celebrate. We’ve got fireworks, drinks, and food for every occasion, and sometimes we even ‘borrow’ other countries’ celebrations for our own use (Cinco de Mayo, anyone?) Starting today, Pluto TV is wishing America a Happy Birthday in our own way: no BBQ, but we’re giving you three new channels! Celebrate America’s birthday with the explorations and travels of Adventure TV (Ch. 619), the inspirational home improvement projects of FrontDoor (Ch. 615), and the full-length free movies of Pluto TV Movies (Ch. 701)!

On Adventure TV (Ch.619), we’ll take you from the tallest mountains to the bottom of the ocean, in search of the mysteries of earth. Get a firsthand introduction to the food, culture and customs of remote people, and go on walking tours of the world’s biggest and most dynamic cities, all from the comfort of your favorite streaming device on Adventure TV (Ch. 619). CLICK HERE TO WATCH ADVENTURE TV

FrontDoor (Ch. 615) has DIY projects and home improvement inspiration for everyone from the talented handyman to the duct tape crusader. If you’re looking to freshen up your home’s look, or just looking for a cool project to wipe away some rainy day hours, you’ll find it on FrontDoor (Ch. 615). With step-by-step instructions that are easier to follow than guidebooks, you’re sure to find something to love on FrontDoor (Ch. 615). CLICK HERE TO WATCH FRONTDOOR

Pluto TV Movies (Ch. 701) with its completely free, full-length films is enough to cause for celebration. On Pluto TV Movies (Ch. 701), you’ll find modern hits such as “There Will Be Blood” and “Defiance,” as well as cult classics such as “Dirty Dancing” and “Wayne’s World 2.” Make every night a movie night with Pluto TV Movies (Ch. 701)! CLICK TO WATCH PLUTO TV MOVIES HERE

This year you’ve got even more reasons to celebrate, with Pluto TV’s great new channels: Adventure TV (Ch. 619), FrontDoor (Ch. 615), and Pluto TV Movies (Ch. 701). So celebrate away, America. Just save some burgers and hot dogs for us!

Stay tuned to Pluto TV for new channels, special features and other great news. Thanks, and happy watching!