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Saturday, May 20, 2017

A Marathon of Evil Monsters & Giant Robots. ‘Nuff Said!

Four hundred years ago, the four God Generals and the evil Youkai had an epic battle, which resulted in the evil Youkai being sealed behind an enchanted door. Unfortunately, that door has been opened, and the Youkai escaped. Only the legendary Kakuranger can defeat the Youkai and restore order to the galaxy.

If the above paragraph made your heart beat faster (or if it left you confused and wanting to know more), then you’re in luck! This Saturday, May 20th on Shout! Factory TV (Ch. 512), Pluto TV is bringing you a Super Sentai Spectacular: Kakuranger Marathon! Giant robots and evil monsters collide for 4+ hours starting at 8:30am PT in the show that inspired the Power Rangers, yes, those Power Rangers! What could be better than Tsuruhime and Sasuke manning their fighting suits and heading into space for an epic battle with furry Keukegen, blade-armed Amikiri, or the bloodthirsty Shouten Douji Brothers?!

This live event isn’t only about the original episodes and epic fights! In addition to select full episodes of Ninja Sentai: Kakuranger, we’ve got special guest commentary, a live Q&A, roundtable discussions, original programming, and more! This event is streaming LIVE, and exclusively on Shout! Factory TV (Ch. 512)

For all your Super Sentai: Kakuranger needs, watch Shout! Factory TV (Ch. 512) on Saturday, May 20th at 8:30am PT for the Super Sentai Spectacular: Kakuranger Marathon. And remember to tune into Pluto TV for even more action, anime, web series, fighting, sports, and everything else that’s awesome. Pluto TV is streaming to your favorite device and is always completely free.