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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

All the News for Free

Staying in the loop usually means an expensive TV subscription, searching through dozens of websites to find what matters, or scrolling through your jammed-up social feed, trying to weed out the nonsense. But with Pluto TV, we make it easy for you.

Open our free app on your favorite connected device to watch 12 unique and informative news channels, for breaking news and headlines from around the world. Pluto TV has the best of business, politics, tech, sports, entertainment and more, to keep you covered and well-informed.

News 24/7 (Ch. 108)  is a news junkie’s dream. We’ve got curated stories from the most trustworthy sources (Sky News, Bloomberg, The Associated Press, Reuters)  so you’ve got around-the-clock updates all in one place; no more searching and scrolling.

Looking for in-depth analysis from the world’s leading journalists? Check out NBC News & MSNBC (Ch. 110), where shows like Meet The Press with Chuck Todd, which is now in its 70th year of airing, take you beyond the headlines into what’s really going on. Meet the Press drops new episodes every Sunday at 5:30pm, and re-airs Mondays at 5:30pm.

If you need a break from the ordinary, check out Cheddar (Ch. 146), a channel for the informed CEO-in-training. Every weekday Cheddar (Ch. 146) reports on the latest business news, product releases, and tech innovations changing our lives straight from the floor of New York Stock Exchange.  

So, drop the social feed and the endless scrolling. Your search for news begins and ends on Pluto TV.

All free. All the time.