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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Anime All Day, Just For You.

An important message from the mothership,

Thank you for another unforgettable week at Pluto TV. We’re thrilled to have the best co-pilots in the galaxy help us revolutionize television with new channels like Fight (Ch. 205), Crime Network (Ch.504), and Man Up (Ch. 423).

Today, we’re sending another gift your way.

We’ve harnessed the cunning of Shiroe and the unshakable bravery of Susumu for an entire channel of nothing but anime. It’s called Anime All Day (Ch. 322). The name says it all.

Now you can get anime 24/7 on just about any device. You can Binge-watch some of the biggest shows like Elfen Lied, Log Horizon, Persona 4: The Animation, and much more. And just like everything else on Pluto TV, you can do it all for free.

What would you like to see on Anime All Day? Let us know on Twitter (@PlutoTV) or Facebook. And make sure to tell us how much you love it… because we know you will.

So, a salute to you all you o.g. Otaku in our orbit.

This is Pluto TV HQ. Over and out!