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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Because Channel Guides Don’t Have to be Boring

Pluto TV’s Comedian-in-Chief Mike Truesdale has officially taken over Pluto TV.

Back in the day, your television guide channel was a scrolling list of what’s next, with the occasional infomercial peppered in for ‘excitement.’ Pluto TV is blasting that concept out of the stratosphere with What’s On (Ch. 1)! Check it out as Mike Truesdale, our resident Comedian-in-Chief (and beard connoisseur), along with our army of highly trained curators show you the best of Pluto TV. Right now head to What’s On (Ch.1) on your Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire, or whatever your favorite streaming device may be, and Mike will be there to help you figure out your life (for the next few days) with the best TV shows, movies, documentaries and more all streaming free on Pluto TV. Mike will be telling it like it is, so see what happens when What’s On (Ch. 1) stops being nice, and starts being real.

This week, What’s On (Ch.1) levels up. Nikki, our resident expert on all things geek, waxes poetic about the Hive (Ch. 304) and pwns Mike in the process. This ain’t your father’s TV previews. Tune in to see what happens!

To learn more about Pluto TV’s free top-notch TV shows and movies, head to What’s On (Ch.1) now!