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Monday, April 3, 2017

Five Ways to Get Healthy by Watching Pluto TV

Pluto TV has achieved the impossible: we’ve enabled you to lose weight just by watching TV. Ok, maybe it’s not that simple, but here are five ways to get fit on Pluto TV.

Surf to Popsugar (Ch. 608) to learn the secrets your favorite celebs use to lose weight. Class Fitsugar features the top trainers that A-Listers depend on for their full-body, HD close-ups.  

A wise woman once said that abs are made in the kitchen. Just hitting the treadmill isn’t going to make those pounds melt away. For simple and delicious tips to a calorie-conscious diet, check out Popsugar’s (Ch. 608) Get the Dish. Popsugar’s got super simple salads and tasty low-calorie alternatives to show you that you don’t have to sacrifice flavor to hit your weight loss goal.

If you’re in need of a dose of reality to kickstart your weight loss journey, check out DocuTV’s (Ch. 638) hard-hitting documentaries about the true nature of organic food and the obesity epidemic in the US. DocuTV’s (Ch. 683) “In Organic We Trust” is a documentary film about the marketing tactics used by the organic food industry, which weighs the benefits and the impacts of eating organic, fat-free, and whole grain food products. “Fat Head” follows comedian Tom Naughton’s hilarious and thought-provoking journey to lose weight and get to the bottom of America’s obesity epidemic.

What do a Sports Illustrated cover girl, a movie icon, and an assistant wrestling coach have in common? They’re all on Pluto TV favorite Fight (Ch. 205) to inspire you to get healthy! Ronda Rousey became the first female UFC champion as well as the first American woman to earn an Olympic bronze medal in Judo largely through a combination of back-breaking training and healthy living. While KO-ing your office mates with a high kick to the temple may not be one of your fitness goals, there is definitely much to be learned from this titan of the octagon.

Bruce Lee was known for his exhaustive daily workouts and extremely disciplined diet. Get a glimpse behind the scenes at the life of the man called “Little Phoenix” on “Martial Arts Master: Life of Bruce Lee” on Fight (Ch. 205) and DocuTV (Ch. 683).

Chris Weidman used experience as a high school wrestling champion to mentor college athletes. With less free time, Weidman’s priority to become an elite MMA fighter never dwindled and earned him a championship belt in the UFC. Check out Weidman’s dedication through his journey on “Top 5” on Fight (Ch. 205).

What Rousey, Lee, and Weidman perfected Steve Nash also mastered. Although 30 colleges rejected him (he was too small and scouts projected little future for him), Nash earned a roster spot on the team at Santa Clara University and led the Broncos to a conference title and an upset victory against top seeded Arizona in the 1993 NCAA men’s tournament. Nash continued his success with the  NBA where he played for four different teams, was an eight-time All-Star, and was given the MVP award twice in his 18-year NBA career. To see Nash’s whole story watch “Nash: The Documentary” on DocuTV (Ch. 638).

Get workout tips, healthy recipe ideas, and fitness inspiration all in the same place. These great shows, movies, and more are streaming free on Pluto TV.