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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Flicks of Fury Punches Up Pluto TV’s Action Movie Lineup

Quentin Tarantino. The Wachowskis. John Woo. Aside from being famous and wildly successful film directors, with dozens of revolutionary and game-changing titles to their names, what do these people have in common? Answer: their best work was inspired by Pluto TV’s newest channel: Flicks of Fury (Ch. 705)!

Ok, not exactly. But movies like “Kill Bill,” “The Matrix,” and “Hard Boiled” owe a lot, if not everything, to the 1970’s Hong Kong film revolution, the films you’ll be watching on Flicks of Fury (Ch. 705). We wouldn’t have a yellow-clad Uma Thurman slicing and dicing the Crazy 88 without Bruce Lee’s many-on-one fight scenes in “Chinese Connection.” Keanu Reeves flying through the air and delivering a perfectly-timed kick to Agent Smith’s solar plexus? “Enter the Dragon” did it first. Jet Li’s quick-hitting and frenetic energy in “Hard Boiled” can be traced back to Jackie Chan’s heyday, in films like “Brutal Boxer” and “Fearless Hyena.”

So, check out Flicks of Fury (Ch. 705) to be inspired by some of the greatest Kung Fu films of all time. To warm you up in Pluto TV’s free streaming dojo, we’ve got a Bruce Lee marathon, starting with the classic “Way of the Dragon,” the film that helped introduce American audiences to the “Little Phoenix” himself. Then, check out Lee in “The Chinese Connection,” where he must avenge the death of his martial arts teacher, killed by a rival school.

On June 17th, it’s a Jackie Chan takeover, and we’ve got 10 hours of hard-hitting action from the Guinness World Record holder for most stunts by a living actor. We’ll kick it off with “Brutal Boxer,” in which Jackie stars as one of two brothers who move to a new town and fall into disfavor with the local mob. In “Police Story 2,” Kevin (Chan) is a police officer whose enemies don’t stop hunting him even when he is demoted to traffic cop. Finally, “Fearless Hyena,” one of Jackie’s earliest movies, provides a reimagining of the classic “martial arts student must fight against rival school” trope. See Jackie Chan in some of his earliest, grittiest work yet.

Watch some of the greatest martial arts films of all time on Flicks of Fury (Ch. 705). Who knows? After a few days of watching, you may be inspired to produce some of your own action flicks. Just remember to hire a stuntman.