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Monday, March 27, 2017

Grab a Healthy Slice of Tastemade


Does the taste of artisanal pizza, topped with free-range bison pepperoni and organic sheep’s cheese make you forget your worries? When you sip on a cool, handcrafted cocktail of Japanese whiskey and house-smoked black currant syrup, do your workday blues and relationship troubles simply melt away? Then it sounds like Pluto TV’s newest channel, Tastemade, is something you can really sink your teeth into.

How many times have you found yourself at the city’s best restaurant, a five-star joint, forgetting about the 2-hour wait and your chair’s broken leg as you bite into what becomes your new favorite dish and think, “I wish I could eat this every day”?

Pluto TV’s new channel Tastemade (Ch. 624) brings together the foodies of the world by showcasing the chefs, mixologists, and farmers who are changing the way we think about food. Among the many must-watch shows on Tastemade is Heritage. The series follows some of America’s most audacious chefs as they turn their dream dish into a reality.  In one unforgettable episode, we travel to Cleveland for a journey inside the mind of Jonathan Sawyer, cook and owner of Trentina, whose refreshing take on classic Italian dishes begins with foraging ingredients from the forests of Ohio.  

If libations are more of your jam you’ll love the show Local Flight. Host Shawn Thomas challenges the country’s finest bartenders to create their own spin on classic cocktails. We all love a well-made Old Fashioned, but what about wrapping your lips around a glass of cacao-infused vodka? Don’t miss out on mixologist Ian Adams of 15 Romolo in San Francisco who, with the help of a small-batch chocolatier nearby, concocts a fizz the likes of which you’ve never tasted, much less seen.  

So, what would your last meal on Pluto be? Send us a picture at @PlutoTV on Twitter or on Facebook. Tell us about what you think of Tastemade (Ch. 624) and what else you want to see on Pluto TV.