Introducing myPluto—DVR Your Favorite Shows

We’ve just launched myPluto, a free service that lets you save all of the amazing shows on Pluto.TV to your very own library for viewing whenever the mood strikes you.

How many shows can I save, we hear you ask? As many as you like, we respond. Loving a show? Just click the tab to save it and it will be saved for you as it airs.  You can easily access your saved shows at anytime by clicking on myPluto in the program guide.

Below is our official press release.


myPluto Allows Users to Save Unlimited Shows to an Online Library for Later Viewing

LOS ANGELES, May 15, 2014 – Pluto.TV, a new video platform that allows viewers to watch the most entertaining online and traditional content in one place, today announced myPluto, allowing users to save programs to an online library and watch at any time. Pluto.TV offers the familiar viewing and navigation experience of cable TV and applies it to digital video, programming content by time slot on specific channels spanning categories such as music, sports, news, entertainment, comedy, lifestyle, technology, art & culture, education, kids and more.


With myPluto, users can browse Pluto.TV’s nearly 100 channels, find interesting shows and save them to an online library for later viewing. Viewers can then access their preferred content instantly, save an unlimited number of shows or build a collection of favorites to watch over and over again. To save content, users simply click the tab for the desired show to reveal an option to save that programming. Content will be saved as it airs and stored within myPluto until a user chooses to delete it. myPluto can be accessed at any time from the main program guide.


“Pluto.TV has already introduced the world to the best online video content and programmed it for the optimal viewing experience. With myPluto, our viewers can curate their own list of favorites, from music videos to comedy shows to non-stop cat videos – for free,” said Tom Ryan, co-founder and CEO, Pluto.TV. “With thousands of hours of content to choose from, there is something for everyone on Pluto.TV. Now, viewers can be sure they don’t miss a thing.”


Pluto.TV is live and available for free on any device, 24 hours a day, so viewers can start watching on their laptop at home or in the office and move to a mobile device with no interruptions. Pluto.TV features content from around the web and programs curated by partners including Funny or Die, QVC, RocketJump, The Young Turks and others. Pluto.TV is free and available on the Web as well as on smartphones and tablets through both iTunes and Google Play.


About Pluto.TV

Pluto.TV is an online video platform that offers a new way to experience the most entertaining and engaging content on the web. Curated using sophisticated technology, data and a team of experts, Pluto.TV is organized into popular common interest categories like music, sports, news, entertainment, comedy, lifestyle, tech, art & culture, education and kids, and features nearly 100 channels available for free, 24/7 on any device. Pluto.TV combines the familiarity of television with the near infinite wealth of online content to create the ultimate entertainment experience. The company is headquartered in Los Angeles.