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Thursday, June 15, 2017

NEW: Monstercat TV – Ch. 418

You know that feeling you get when you’re at one with the music? Your feet are moving, your hips are grooving, and your heart feels like it’s beating along with the drums. On Pluto TV’s newest channel, Monstercat TV (Ch. 418), you can experience the rhythms, the bass-drops, and the freshest beats in electronic music today, 24/7, and all of it is completely free.

This eclectic mix is specially-curated and tailored for casual watching, listening, working out, or all-night partying. It’s a place where listeners and viewers become friends, and friends become family.

You’ll find the most popular electronic, techno, house, and dance music coming at you in 325 BPM on Monstercat TV (Ch. 418). Check out “Battle of the Mixes” (M-F 1:30 am ET & Saturday 11:30 am ET) in which contestants across the globe showcase everything they’ve got in a no-holds-barred showdown for the ultimate throne of Mix Contest Champion. The “Dubstep Hour” (M-F 2:00 pm ET) is for the connoisseur of DJ’s spinning the world’s best dubstep, and “Power Hour” (M-F 7:00 pm ET) has the jams to get you in the mood for partying! Saturday at 8:00pm ET, we’ve got a Podcast Marathon, to turn you on to some of the freshest beats around, just in time to get ready for your weekend club routine.

So, enter the world of Monstercat TV (Ch. 418) and experience the best of the beat.

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