What’s On: August 11 – August 17

Happy Shark Week!


Shark Men
Shark 24/7, Ch. 408

The Shark Men return to unlock the secrets of Great White Sharks in this hit series from National Geographic. *Starring Paul Walker….who knew tackling the mysteries of the shark’s life cycle along the Pacific Coast could be so beautiful.

Shark 24/7, Ch. 408

We will be playing the top ten scariest moments (and a few other favorite clips) from the classic JAWS film. Maybe don’t tune in for this one if you’re planning a beach vacay anytime soon.

Swimming with Sharks
Shark 24/7, Ch. 408

Amazing footage and moments from real life encounters with sharks around the world. Captured with a GoPro this shocking footage will amaze you AND have you hiding under your covers. Might want to tune in to Ch. 407 for an episode of Puppy Zone after to ensure a good night’s sleep.