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Monday, May 1, 2017

Why Meet the Press is The Most Important News Program

In this age of spin, punditry, and 24 hour news cycles, it’s difficult to get a handle on what really matters. Often we are bombarded with sensationalist news stories, dubious scientific studies, and opinions being tossed off as fact. Meet the Press has been on television for 69 years, making it the longest running show of all time, and the reasons why are self-evident. You can watch Meet the Press every Monday at 5:30pm ET on NBC News & MSNBC (Ch. 110).

Meet the Press gives you the news that really matters: the movements of the movers and shakers in Washington DC, the passages and vetoes of bills that affect your life directly, and interviews with world leaders and policy makers. This longtime stalwart of American television features data-driven analysis, high-profile guests, and interviews that don’t dodge tough questions, but seek truth in a way that most news shows do not.

Current host, Chuck Todd, who also serves as the Political Director for NBC News, brings you all the above in a straightforward and unbiased format. Chuck Todd and Meet the Press are on every Monday at 5:30pm ET on NBC News & MSNBC (Ch. 110).

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