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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Get Into The Weird, Wild Minds of RiffTrax & Win!

You love the hilarious commentary dubbed over wild movies that RiffTrax (Ch. 265) specializes in. Maybe you’ve even been following Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy, Bill Corbett and the rest of the cast since their days on MST3K and have seen all the live specials, shorts and other zany shows they put out right here on Pluto TV. But how well do you know the cast of RiffTrax? Of course, you’d let them babysit your kids anytime, but do you really know these guys? Find out with our RiffTrax contest on Pluto TV! We’re offering some awesome prizes to the RiffTrax fans who can guess the riffers’ favorite episode of RiffTrax! Simply go to and guess their favorite.

Enter The Riff-Cast’s Top 5 Favorites Contest


Be sure to tune in to RiffTrax (Ch. 265) on November 11th, when we’ll be airing the Riff-Cast’s Top 5 Favorites Countdown Marathon and announcing the winners of the contest.

You could win:

A Custom, signed, Limited Edition Pluto TV/RiffTrax T-Shirt

An Amazon Fire Stick to Watch RiffTrax on Pluto TV

And the Grand Prize:

The chance to write your very own riff to be included in a future RiffTrax release!

It’s super easy to win, simply follow the link above to cast your prediction. The winners will be announced on-air during Riff-Cast’s Top 5 Favorites Countdown Marathon, periodically on commercial breaks on RiffTrax channel (Ch. 265) on pluto tv ( and will be mentioned by Pluto TV’s and RiffTrax social media accounts. So get riffing, Citizens, and enter the twisted minds of the RiffTrax cast for your chance to win some awesome stuff!

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Thanks, and happy watching!