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Thursday, October 26, 2017

New Channel: The first channel BY cats FOR cats. Cats 24/7 (Ch. 268)

We’ve had a lot of firsts on Pluto TV, but none as CATaclysmic importance as this: Cats 24/7 (Ch. 268) is the first channel by cats, for cats. If your furry pal had access to a streaming device (and he or she might, you never know what goes on while the ‘cat’s away’…) he or she would be tuned to Cats 24/7 (Ch. 268) all the time. On Cats 24/7 (Ch. 268) you’ll find hilarious and adorable cat videos, cat programming, and feline tips 24/7 on our furriest channel yet. Stop chasing that laser pointer, and get on over to Cats 24/7 (Ch. 268) on Pluto TV!


Hey cool cats and hip kitties, tell your human that you want cat TV! That’s right, we’ve got kitties for nothing and cats for free, all the time on Cats 24/7 (Ch. 268)! Here, you’ll never be bored, like when human puts down the laser pointer. You’ll find hilarious cat videos and adorable kitty clips that’ll make you say ‘me-WOW’ 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (whenever you’re not taking a much deserved catnap, that is). So put down that catnip, jump on your human’s keyboard and say “I want my cat TV! MEOW” You’ll find it on Cats 24/7 (Ch. 268) on Pluto TV!


So many cats videos…. There’s no reason to look anywhere else for your catty content. If you have any favorite cat videos, let us know on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. And check back frequently, as we’ll have even more new channels, live events and all kinds of cool stuff coming up soon